Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Little Guy Fixed The Insufficient Storage Available Bug

When talking about problems with android cell phones we discovered that the insufficient storage available bug is one of the main issues. There is no doubt that this issue is the most known android phone problem. When trying to install a new program on your android phone then this specific error may show up. Insufficient storage available can show up immediately as the most occurring message. The main cause that this occurs may lie in the fact that all new apps are being installed not on the external but the internal storage of the android device. An extra nuisance is that the internal storage of most android phones is not so big.

Insufficient Storage Available
Numerous strategies have been tried in order to solve the insufficient storage available error with as many results. This particular error can show up when a user testing, installing or downloading a new app on rooted android phone. The owner of the android phone needs to recognize the error message if it's the real message or some other bug before trying to solve the insufficient storage available issue. The authentic message solely takes place when storage space is actually under 15MB which in turn is the threshold what android restricts any setup of programs. I like to set up on you applications on extern storage device that will show to you later.

Users were overall pleased that the lucky patcher was able to remove the insufficient storage available issue successfully from their android cell phone. Install the lucky patcher on your android phone after you downloaded it from our website. Next you should erase all backups and repair files in the troubleshooting section of your android menu. In almost all cases the insufficient storage available issue will no longer show up. The lucky patcher application can be used whenever you want to install a new app and avoid any future errors like these.

This is one more you might test in the event that earlier technique to eliminate the insufficient storage available was not successfull in the earlier one. The file manager and root Explorer is now necessary to enter. Search for the application list or and the data list and find the file that cannot be modified or installed. Just find it and press that particular .apk file and remove it. The issue should be resolved a few finished all the previous steps, so now try to set up a new app.

The final step is a bit complicated is there in case you were not able to fix the insufficient storage available error with the previous attempts. A so-called Java Developing kit needs to be installed on a personal computer or notebook. If you don't have a Java kit that you surely can find one on the Internet, and be sure that it is the latest release. Enter 'cmd' in the command prompt of your computer which you will find by clicking start on your desktop. You need to run the command prompt as administrator, you can do this by right clicking this. If a conversation container appears just click yes. After this you have to write the next command : cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools in the CMD.

Click the menu button on your phone to find the settings. Inside applications you will need to enable USB debugging. Get a USB cable to connect both android phone and PC with each other. Type this command ‘adb shell pm getInstallLocation’ that will get you to the options. The available choices are now '0' or "automatic" for a auto suggest location, secondly '1' for the internal phone storage, and last but not least '2' for a memory card that will be also called external storage. If you selected option '2' then you may have chosen the best one, since that will allow you to choose your own storage size. Turn off the command prompt but first disabled the USB debugging on your mobile android phone. More than 50% of all these errors is should be fixed by this final solution.